Ruby Beard

Ruby Beard is a graphic designer and recent graduate of Manchester Metropolitan University, based in Manchester. With a creative eye that favours juxtaposing the unexpected and renewing the familiar, her focus is on print design and visual identities.

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Modernist Churches of Leeds by Ruby Beard

After being approached by The Modernist following her success as a runner up in the Leeds chapter’s ‘Creativity in Lockdown’ competition, Ruby produced this collection documenting Leeds’ diverse ecclesiastical architecture. Shot in black and white – her preferred medium – it expands The Modernist’s growing series exploring religious buildings from the 20th Century, which began with the Sheffield-focused ‘Suburban Archetypes’ by Ian Justice.

Available via The Modernist Society and Village Books
Photography and Book Design

Absent Air by Dan Commons

Book cover and text designed for ‘Absent Air’ by Dan Commons, a new photobook published by Salt n Pepper Press.
The collection’s abstract aesthetic – linked to the Japanese Provoke movement – is characterised by expressive imagery that resists normative forms of interpretation. For the cover, type is unnaturally set to create fluidity and movement, resisting traditional alignment to draw the eye.
Jack Greenwood describes Commons’ work as ‘a continuation of the persistent questioning and tension with the Provoke aesthetic’, reinterpreted in the cultural and political landscape of modern Britain. Coming to prominence in post-war Japan, Provoke embraces an purposefully amateur style of photography, with grainy, blurry and out-of-focus images that express a sense of liminality. In direct opposition to a culture that favoured technical precision, Provoke instead posits that ‘a photographer’s eye can capture fragments of reality that cannot be expressed in the language as it is.’

Available via Salt n Pepper Press and Village Books
Book Cover

An Archive of Creativity in Lockdown

An archive documenting creative process during a period of lockdown.

Including contributions from photographers, artists, designers, writers and academics from across the UK, the archive was conceived during the Covid-19 lockdown period. Juxtaposing text and imagery across a range of mediums and genres, the archive provides an unfiltered reflection on the effects of a period outside of previous collective experience.

Utilising logical references (such as indexing) in dialogue with the diverse creative material highlights the tension between order and disorder felt during lockdown, whilst giving the archive a sustainable framework for expansion.

£5 from the sale of every copy will be donated to MAP, a charity providing creative education to young people.

176 x 250 mm, 88 pages
Softcover, Ring-Bound

︎ £12 ︎ No Longer Available
Concept, Design and Publishing

Formless; A Users Guide

A collaboration with Salt n Pepper Press to produce the book cover and additional text for Formless; A Users Guide by Seb Smith.

The concept takes a strong perspective with an enigmatic monochrome image as the backdrop. Text is deftly placed to draw the eye, creating subtle movement that echoes the theme of the photobook.

Available via Salt n Pepper Press and Village Books

Book Cover and Text

Through Assembling (Choice) Bits

A curation of poems and other texts curated by Alice Savage, presented as a hand-bound textural image investigation.

Through unconventional typesetting, the collection invites the reader to engage with the texts more fully, as part of a visual narrative. Experimenting with layout provides new possibilities of reading and interpretation, allowing for intimate experiences with texts that may traditionally be considered inaccessible.

Collected over the course of the year, the texts acted as a method of self-care for the curator during a period of difficulty. The exposed spine acts as a physical representation of her desire for open engagement with the archive.

111 x 181 mm
Softcover, handbound

Book Design