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Ruby Beard is a graphic designer and artistic curator with a focus on print design and visual identities.

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Ruby Beard is a graphic designer, artistic curator and recent graduate of Leeds Arts University, with a creative eye that favours juxtaposing the unexpected and renewing the familiar.

Raised in the Peak District, Ruby is currently based in Leeds – an ideal location for collaboration with a diverse community of artists, writers and photographers. As a publisher and designer, she aims to celebrate the work of her peers within the arts and culture sphere, creating space for emerging talent alongside established creatives across a range of disciplines.

Challenging pre-conceived forms is a pillar of her practice, experimenting with the unconventional to encourage dynamic engagement with text and imagery. With a focus on print design and visual identities, her work reflects a tension between old and new modes of communication; typography and imagery are meticulously shaped and placed in concert with layout and colour palette, resulting in work that is simultaneously beautiful and thought-provoking.

Published Work / Clients

Formless; A Users Guide, Salt n Pepper Press, 2020
An Archive of Creativity in Locdown, Self Published, 2020


Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, Chesterfield College
BA (Hons) Graphic Design, Leeds Arts University (Current)