Ruby Beard

Ruby Beard is a graphic designer and recent graduate of Leeds Arts University, based in Manchester. With a creative eye that favours juxtaposing the unexpected and renewing the familiar, her focus is on print design and visual identities.

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Form: An Exploration in Book Design

An exploration in creative book design.

Measuring the same as a standard UK brick – 102.5mm wide, 215mm high and 65mm deep – this publication is designed to explore the boundaries of form presented in the essay within.

Split into two sections, each read from either side of the book, Form requires engagement from the user, as they are forced to rotate and turn the book in order to access its contents.  Its heavy weight interferes with this experience, exaggerating the force need to perform the actions required to read it; the physical impact of the publication works in synergy with its contents.

Created using materials in their rawest forms, from the book templates used in interview to the raw plaster cover, each aspect of the publication is meticulously designed in self reference.
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