Ruby Beard

Graphic designer interested in design and publishing, particularly art, design, and culture projects.


An Archive of Creativity in Lockdown

An archive documenting creative process during a period of lockdown, including contributions from photographers, artists, designers, writers, and academics from across the UK.

£5 from every copy will be donated to MAP, a charity providing creative education to young people.

176 x 250 mm, 88 pages
Softcover, Ring-Bound

︎ £12 ︎ Available Here
May 2020

Text and Cover for Formless; A User’s Guide, by Seb Smith

Cover design for Seb Smith’s new photobook, published by
Salt n Pepper Press.

Available here

(Product images by Jim Brook)

April 2020

Out of Context

Proposed visual identity for an exhibition of third year graphic design practical outcomes at Colours May Vary, Leeds.

Nov 2020

Through Assembling (choice) Bits

A selection of poems and other texts curated by Alice Savage, presented as a hand bound textual image investgation.

111 x 181 mm
Softcover, handbound

Jan 2020